Secret Fares to Philippines

We found these Secret Fares to Manila

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Before you contact us

Search online first and get an idea.
If you are simply shopping around for a cheap flight, we suggest you do an online search first. This way you will have an idea what the cheapest prices are for your travel plan.

We do not offer price matching.
Searching for fares is time consuming. So if you are only shopping around, please do it online.

What we offer?
Please take a moment to read about the services we offer.

  • Traditional Travel Agent Bookings for complex trips and for those that need extra service. Booking is not made online.
  • Secret Fares – extremely low fares booked online for you. 


Yes you can get this secret fares if you can adhere to the following restrictions;
1. You are ready to travel with a fixed date of departure and return
2. Will not change date, will not cancel, will not request for refund, and no special request
3. Date can be flexible to plus/minus 1-3 days
4. No preferred airlines (we will provide you with the standard travel time airline example JFK-MNL less than 24 hours travel time each way.)
5. Willing to send passport pictures, contact number, email address immediately. remember we search and book online for you for a fee.
Email or call me for further explanation.

Please email us your travel request at  / or call 646.387.8522 Nelson Perez



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