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Bokod, Benguet: On Climbing Luzon’s Highest Peak, Mount Pulag

28 Jan

Biyaherong Barat

Mount Pulag Kabayan Benguet mountaineering

When I heard the phrases “3-4 hour hike”, “below-zero temperature”, especially the word “hypothermia” while listening to the mandatory orientation at Mount Pulag National Park DENR Office, that’s when I begin to question my physical and mental capacities – “Am I ready for this?”

At that point, I also realized that there was no turning back, no other way but up, and I just have to pull myself together and find out if I could conquer and survive Luzon Island’s highest peak, Mount Pulag.

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26 Jan

Expedition Hobo


In my birth city of Cebu, Philippines there is a festival, Sinulog, which is unrivalled by any other in the country. The word ‘Sinulog’ is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Nino. The dance moves to the sound of the drums and it originally honored pagan wooden idols prior to Magellan planting the cross and claiming the country for Spain. Upon Magellan’s arrival in 1521, he introduced Christianity and gave the then Queen a Santo Nino (image of child Jesus, most likely a doll) as a baptismal gift. The rulers along with their subjects were baptized by the Spaniards. In an attempt to colonize the Philippines, Magellan was at war with the native people and was killed by Raja Lapulapu in a battle on the island of Mactan. Now, Mactan is more known for beautiful beach resorts, the best in the country in my opinion (   and The…

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Paradise Found, El Nido

26 Jan

discover El Nido – Paradise indeed.

Expedition Hobo


The road to paradise can be long and arduous which adds to their uniqueness. They’re not often down the street. That’s why there hard to find. The road to my paradise started in the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. January 2012, the day started early as each passenger was picked up one-by-one from their hotels. I thought this was a convenience that we were being picked up from our hotels but the process took about an hour with several stops we had to make in order to pack 12 passengers into a mini-van. Oh, the price we pay to save a little money. Obviously, there was no room for the luggage in the van so that was stacked on the roof. And off we went on our 5 hour drive to El Nido.


The other way to get to El Nido would have been by small plane from Manila…

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Siargao: Caught in a Summer Swell

18 Dec

Project Magellan

“One day I’m going to tame those waves.” -The Dreamer

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10 Reasons Why “Commuting” is More Fun in the Philippines

18 Dec

Project Magellan

Getting around Manila is definitely one of the horrors most foreign tourists face

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El Nido: A Slice of Heaven on Earth

16 Dec

Project Magellan

One word: PARADISE

El Nido, Palawan Bacuit Bay: Imagine Waking Up to This Everyday

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El Nido: There and Back Again

16 Dec

Project Magellan

When one slice of heaven won’t suffice, you just have to experience it twice.

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