Around the world for $1,746.-airfare all in….

18 Jun

Around the World (Manila, Hong Kong, Jordan, Italy, Turkey), Visit Religious and Wonders of the World Landmarks Trip

Visit five (5) countries, fly almost 22,000 miles, from US$ 1746 in airfare (all in).

Flight #1: New York (JFK) to Manila (MNL) – Spend your Philippine Vacation.
Note: Take up to 2 bags (@ 50 lbs max) per passenger and spend a long time in Manila (subject to airline rules). Continue the rest of your journey with one bag only.
Flight #2: Manila (MNL) to Hong Kong (HKG)
Flight #3: Hong Kong (HKG) to Amman, Jordan (AMM)
Flight #4: Amman (AMM) to Rome, Italy (FCO)
Flight #5: Rome (FCO) to Istanbul, Turkey (IST)
Flight #6: Istanbul (IST) to New York (JFK)

Fly non-stop back to New York.
For every country you will visit, you will make a stop over depending on how many days you want. We will help you select a budget hotel upon request.
If you are an adventurous and religious person, then now you know you can do it cheap. try getting a buddy to go with you

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.01 PM

Petra: highlight not just of Jordan but of the entire Middle East; sublime and mysterious city; incomparable jewel of ancient architecture. Petra was once an important stop on a Roman trading route, but was only assimilated into the empire in 106 AD. Until then it had been a stronghold of the Nabataen Arab kingdom, whose knowledge of Greek architectural styles is reflected in their astonishing cliff-bound monuments. Today Petra is a UNESCO- World Heritage site.

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.02 PM

Jerash: In ancient times, the Roman town of Gerasa grew rich from iron ore as well as agricultural products which flourished in this comparatively lush temperate region. Thiswealth in turn endowed the town with architectural treasures: the unique oval Forum, Hippodrome, Amphitheater, Agora, and the proud columns of the Temple to Artemis. The majestic Hadrian’s Arch dates from the eponymous Roman Emperor’s visit, an event which signaled the town’s importance.

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.02 PM 001Wadi Rum: Shuttling between archaeological sites, an inevitable component of any Jordan trip, may have you longing for those haunting, limitless expanses of desert you’ve glimpsed from car windows. If so, head south for Wadi Rum, which offers spectacular vistas of towering cliffs and bold rock formations etched by erosion into other-worldly forms.

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.03 PMDead Sea and King’s Highway: Running north-south along the squiggling spine of the Dead Sea rift, a road trip along the King’s Highway from biblical Madaba to Petra is to journey along a 2,000-year-old trade route bursting with history. Check out the Crusader castles at Karak and Shobak, and the ancient town of Madaba. Pop into Roman forts and visit a Nabataean temple. Or if you’re more into nature, Jordan’s Dana Nature Reserve is famous for its hiking, and in April the region is known for its black irises. Not really a highway but more of a quiet, country road with amazing views around and alongside its 280-km route, you’ll get a glimpse of rural life in Jordan as you drive between the villages which collect at the top of the mountains.

Read more: Jordan’s biblical sites

Why visit Rome?

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.04 PMScreen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.05 PMScreen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.05 PM 001Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.06 PMWhy visit Turkey?

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.07 PM

Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.08 PMLet us help you make this come true. Email us at / so we can call you and start planning.

No pressure, No upsell! We will assist in making this a fruitful travel within your budget.



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