Hello Kitty planes head to the U.S. market

7 Sep

Hello Kitty planes head to the U.S. market

English: EVA A330

Cat lovers and little girls rejoice: Hello Kitty planes are headed to the U.S.

Taiwan‘s EVA Air will be bringing the cartoon cat to the Los Angeles skies three times a week beginning September 18, on flights to Taipei.

European travel agents with cat-loving clients, fear not. You soon will be seeing the kitty too.

EVA Air already flies five hello Kitty-themed planes to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Guam.

From the painting on its exterior to the boarding passes, headrests, utensils, soap dispensers and snacks, everything in and on the plane will feature the white cartoon cat with the red bow.

The flight attendants will wear Hello Kitty aprons.

And, of course, they will sell Hello Kitty souvenirs.

By Cheryl Rosen

Friday, September 6, 2013

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